Discover Venice: the Squeri

Walking around the canals of the city of Venice you can see some particular buildings: the Squeri. The Squero is the Venetian shipyard where rowing boats are built. Today only five squeri are open, but in the past they were many more.

In the district of Dorsoduro there are the two oldest squeri of the city: the Squero Tramontin and the Squero di San Trovaso. The first one has been managed since 1884 by the Tramotin family and inside you can see a collection of antique instruments of the master craftsmen. The second one was built in 1600 and is located on the shore of the rio San Trovaso. The “younger” squero is the “Dei Rossi Roberto” in the Giudecca district, born in 1983.

In these shipyards are fabricated the typical Venetian gondolas. Other typical rowing boats are also built, although today they have been replaced by motor boats. To build a good one takes about 500 hours. The experts of this art are called “squeraroli” and it is possible to observe them while they work. Let yourself be fascinated by this ancient art, we will take care of satisfying your hunger.

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Photo credit: Pixabay