The masks of Venice Carnival: Pantalone

The masks of Venice Carnival: Pantalone

The most important festival of the year for the city of Venice is coming: the Carnival. Let’s find out more about the history of the mask of Pantalone, spelled Pantaloon in English.

The origin of the name is quite discussed: two sceneries contemplate the Saint Patron of Venice, San Pantaleone, or the so-called pianta leone, the soldiers and merchants’ costume of driving or raising the Serenissima’s standard in the conquered lands. Or the name can also come from the long trousers of the character.

Pantalone is the most used mask by the Venetians during Carnival. It is one of the most ancient masks and it was born as an old man with a Venetian accent. He manages to survive the Goldoni’s reform, but he loses his comedy as caricature of the old merchant attracted to the young women in order to acquire more well defined features: he becomes a family man, who is grouch, cheapskate and conservative, but also quite wise.

The costume of Pantalone consists of long and tight black trousers, a red jacket and a black robe. The red colour is the one that distinguishes him. Typical are the yellow Turkish slippers and the mask with a long and hooked nose and a long, pointed or forked bear. It can’t miss the bag containing the money. We are waiting for you in our restaurant during this Carnival.

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