Fun facts about St. Mark’s Cathedral

Fun facts about St. Mark’s Cathedral

Did you know? Our restaurant is a few feet away from the well-known St. Mark square, famous throughout the world for the historical cathedral built in 828 d.C. and reconstructed in 1063 d.C.

Its majesty doesn’t stop to the building exterior, above which you should admire the famous five cupolas: once entered the church you can observe golden ceilings enriched with mosaics, whose narration shows the footsteps of Jesus Christ’s story, following the church position – from East to West.
By lowering your head, direct your glance towards the marble floor, showing geometric patterns and animals. Every picture has a symbolic meaning: some mean the eternal deliverance, portrayed by an eagle, or bravery, as the mythological griffon; others are illustrations from popular fairy tales: the most famous draw is on the right side of the altar, where two roosters carry on their back a fox hanging on a cane.

As you can see, you never stop discovering curious facts about Venetian main places.

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Picture by Unsplash