Maurice Marinot at Le Stanze del Vetro

Maurice Marinot at Le Stanze del Vetro

The hot weather troubles you and you’re looking for a cool place, where to spend a good afternoon? Then you need to take advantage of the exhibit Maurice Marinot. Il vetro, 1911-1934 at Le Stanze del Vetro.

Le Stanze del Vetro are an expository place located in a permanent way on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, but they are also a cultural project that contemplates the modern and contemporary shapes of the glass art. The space hosts about two annual exhibitions and until July 28 it is possible to admire 220 works and 115 drawings by the French artist. Maurice Marinot is known for creating a new kind of glass, which is fuller and heavier, that he himself described as “fleshy”. The entry to these exhibitions is always free and it is possible to take part to guided visits.

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Photo by Unsplash