The Sagra del Redentore

The Sagra del Redentore

After almost five centuries from its conception, the Sagra del Redentore is still one of the most important events involving the city of Venice and its surroundings.

At the end of a pestilential epidemic (around 1570), the Venetian Senate decided to build a temple to Christ the Redeemer; the work was commissioned to Andrea Palladio, one of the most important architects of the time and was erected on the island of Giudecca. From that moment, once a year, precisely on the third Sunday of July, it is customary to build a “bridge of boats” between the two banks of the Giudecca canal, which allows to reach the sacred place in procession.

The party starts on Saturday afternoon and continues until the following day; on this occasion the city is decked out for the party: music, traditional Venetian clothes and fireworks. The Venetians in celebration join in to feast, on the boats or on the banks and savor the typical dishes of traditional cuisine: pasta and fasoi, sardines in saor, bigoli in sauce and much more! A moment to get together and enjoy the delicious Venetian dishes.


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