Cooking with mushrooms

Cooking with mushrooms

Mushrooms are among the main ingredients used as a side dish in Italian recipes: they are usually found in any species, shape and scent by expert people walking in the woods, a place where they grow easily thanks to a humid environment.

Different seasons make it easier for different categories to grow, depending on weather and temperature: rainstorms, specifically, are fundamental for the development. Among the main species we can recommend porcini and chiodini mushrooms, that grow primarily since September and throughout the fall – but it depends according to the location.
Mushrooms are easy to cook and fit any course: you can find them trifolati, that is cooked in a pan with oil, minced garlic and parsley; on pasta, pizza and rice, they are added to give a good taste; with meat, usually with fillets; in the end, a peculiar combination is made with mushrooms and fish, named “sea and mountains” in Italy.

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