Fall and cold, polenta and small octopus

Fall and cold, polenta and small octopus

Fall has arrived and it means low temperatures outside: polenta becomes a symbol of this season, generally used as a side dish with meat or fish.

This typical Northern Italian course has a very old tradition, back to Greek and Latin populations. In the past people used different kinds of flours, such as barley or emmer wheat: after the discovery of America in 1492, corn replaced them and became the main ingredient. Today we cook polenta in the traditional cauldron: the dough is made of corn flour poured in boiling water and mixed for almost an hour, as to create a soft compound. We can find it made in different ways, according to the places in Italy: the Venetian variety includes the white polenta, known for the Biancoperla corn flour, or with cuttlefish.

Our menu offers one of the most famous Italian courses with small octopus stew and seasoned with gremolada (a mix of parsley and garlic, lemon peel and anchovies).

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Pic by Pixabay