Film festival: L’occhio delle donne

Film festival: L’occhio delle donne

On the 8th of March, the International Day of the Woman, the Cinema-Theatre Bersagliere presents the new edition of the cultural project of L’occhio delle donne (“The women’s eye”)

L’occhio delle donne is a film festival of movies directed by female directors with a program of five movies for every Friday night of March. The purpose of the project is to recognize the worth and the dynamism of the female cinema. Let’s know the plots of the five movies.

The festival L’occhio delle donne is inaugurated by Euforia directed by Valeria Golino: it is a movie of the Italian comedy, which tells about the forced reunification of two brothers that becomes a chance to rediscover themselves.
Lazzaro Felice directed by Alice Rohrwacher describes the deep friendship between Lazzaro, a farmer who is so kind that he seems stupid, and Tancredi, a rich boy with a strong imagination.
Lady Bird directed by Greta Gerwin can’t miss: the story of a high school student who dreams of living a life outside the borders of Sacramento, a city of California. It is a journey of auto determination.
Nico 1988 is another Italian movie with the direction of Susanna Nichiarelli, the portrait of the German singer and ex-model Christa Päffgen.
With Arrivederci Saigon by Wilma Labate the camera moves to the Far East: it is the true story of STARS, a female Italian rock band of the time, who is sent to the South of Vietnam during the war in order to perform in front of the American troups.

The event L’occhio delle donne takes place at the Cinema-Theatre Bersaglieri, via Roma 223, at 9 p.m. only for 5 Euros. It is an occasion that you can’t miss.


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