Aperitif? The Spritz is a must-have!

Aperitif? The Spritz is a must-have!

Centrale Restaurant offers a great variety of wines, but it doesn’t skimp on cocktails. The Spritz is obviously a must-have of the menu.

The Spritz is an Italian alcoholic and aperitif long drink that comes from Veneto: in the middle of the 19th Century an Austrian costume spreads, which was to add some sparkling water called Acqua di Seltz to the wine, that was too strong for them. The name of the drink originates from the German verb Spritzen, meaning the act of diluting wine with some water. Over the years the original recipe undergoes different influences and today it has many variations.

The official recipe of IBA is called the Venetian Spritz. It is prepared with 1/3 of sparkling white wine (which is often prosecco), 1/3 of bitter (a bitter drink usually served as aperitif) such as Aperol or Campari and a squirt of sparkling water or Seltz. The slice of orange is a must-have in order to provide more flavour to the drink.

The Spritz is a young drink, quite easy and suitable to every hour of the day, although it is preferred as aperitif drink. It is better to avoid read meat, while it is quite good with fish, cold cuts, white meat and spicy dishes. Ask to our personnel to know the best combinations and take look at our menu!


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