Through the streets of Venice: Jewish Ghetto

Through the streets of Venice: Jewish Ghetto

The Jewish Ghetto is on of the most full of history neighborhood of Venice. According to tradition, Jews arrived in Venice before 1400. For political reasons, in 1516 the government established by law that all Jews should live and reside only in this area of the city, that was soon populated by Jews from all over the world.

The Venetian Jewish Ghetto is the oldest in Europe and today is divided into three large areas: the Old Ghetto, the Novo Ghetto and the Novissimo Ghetto. Don’t be fooled by the name, the Gheto Novo is the oldest Jewish area in Venice. In 1954 the Jewish Museum was inaugurated in this area, it contains objects and artifacts of Jewish tradition. The main attraction of the Ghetto are three Banchi di Pegno: the Red, which can be visited today, the Green and the Black. After a walk to discover the history of the Jewish community in Italy, you can enjoy a great meal at the Ristorante Centrale.

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