Our recipes: Baccalà in tre modi con crostini

The venetian cod is one of the most famous and beloved recipes of Veneto. Generally, the cod is creamed with oil and salt and served as an accompaniment on bread or croutons. Do not be fooled by the name, in the traditional recipe, you do not use the cod but the stockfish. In Veneto we refer to the “cod” meaning the stockfish and for this reason over the years has created this confusion. The “baccalà mantecato alla veneziana” can be prepared in so many ways.

It is generally served as an appetizer on bread croutons, but can also be served as a second course. Someone serves it on polenta, another typical dish of the Venetian tradition. The recipe is very simple but we at the Ristorante Centrale offer it in three variations. The appetizer is called “Baccalà in tre modo con crostini” and we suggest you to taste it. Finally, take a look at our entire menù!


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