Venetian biscuits: a sweet tradition

Venetian biscuits: a sweet tradition

You’ve just finished your meal at Centrale restaurant but you’d love to complete your meal with a coffee and a dessert: our staff will be glad to show you our list, but if you want to enjoy the tradition we suggest you our home-made Venetian biscuits. Your gluttony will be tested during a culinary trip from Venice to Burano.

The most famous kind of biscuits throughout the lagoon are Baicoli, sold in classic tin cans: their point of mantaining the freshness for a long time made them famous in navigation, because sailors stocked up some for the long journeys.
If we move to Burano (well known for the blown glass), the Bussolai and the Essi will make your snacks delicious: they are made of the same ingredients (flour, eggs, butter and sugar) but with different shapes (the first like a donut, the latter like an S); their pastry is even tastier with liquors, eggnog and hot chocolate. Although they come from Burano, you are going to find them easily in Venice.

Centrale restaurant is happy to offer his clients high-quality and classic dishes, a few steps from St. Mark’s Square.

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Pic by Unsplash