Film review: When the migrants were us

When the migrants were us: an interesting film festival organized by the NGO ONLUS Emergency, which since June 5th has been thrilling all its participants.

A cycle of appointments through which to show not only cinematographic masterpieces but to bring to the stage an important theme of great impact, especially for today’s times, that of migration. It seems that we often forget that once upon a time, we Italians were migrants too and this is the message that wants to pass through the vision of some historical films on the subject. Unfortunately every migration often involves fatigue, suffering and loneliness, three physical and psychological conditions that would put a strain on anyone. Nowadays, when dealing with a delicate subject such as this, we do not think about the fact that we are talking about being human, men, women and children who are making a sacrifice for the hope of a better life, the same one that he accompanied our past generations back in the 1870s and at the end of the two World Wars. A personal and authentic reflection, the one that Emergency pushes us to do.

The end of the film review When the migrants were us is near, here are the last dates:

  • 11 September Emigrantes by Aldo Fabrizi
  • 18 September Lamerica by Gianni Amelio
  • 25 September Itaker by Toni Trupia

The screenings take place at the headquarters of Emergency, Giudecca 212. After watching the film, don’t give up a good dish, come visit us for a tasty dinner.


To book a table, call the number: +39 041 2379661
We’re open from Monday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.


Photo by Unsplash