Historical Regatta: the start on September 1

Historical Regatta: the start on September 1

By now there is very little time left for the historical regatta in Venice, one of the most important events for the sport “Voga alla Veneta” .

In fact, every year, every first Sunday of September, Venice welcomes this event of ancient origins: it is thought that the first races were competed in the thirteenth century and were linked to the Festa delle Marie. The regatta consists of several races that see different boats as protagonists, including gondolas, burchi and galleys; the crowd populates the Grand Canal and the San Marco basin, creating a festive and exciting atmosphere. Once the regatta was preceded by the passage of peote and bissone (parade boats), whose crew had the task of throwing clay balls at the most unruly boats; today, their passage marks the start of the regatta, a procession of dozens of boats from the ‘500, with bright colors and gondoliers in traditional costume. Spectators can follow the race from their own boats or sit in the floating stands, specially used. An event that brings an atmosphere of joy and celebration, a moment that recalls the history and tradition of an ancient city.

This year the eventi s on september, 1th; before heading to the historical regatta, come and visit us at the Centrale restaurant! Choose from our offers and enjoy a tasty lunch.


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