In Dante Veritas by Vasily Klyukin

In Dante Veritas by Vasily Klyukin

Concomitantly with the Biennale, the 900 square meters of exhibition space of the Arsenale Nord of Venice are hosting the exhibit In Dante Veritas by Vasily Klyukin.

It’s not a simple exhibit, but a total, multi-sensorial and multi-medial installation that wants to recreate Dante’s inferno in a modern and apocalyptic key. 100 elements between sound and video mapping, digital reproductions and light boxes constitute a big stage design, where the sculpture group called Live Sculpture stands out: the 32 big steel figures represent the human vices and their fate in the after-life, while 4 of them are the knights of the apocalypse. The exhibit In Dante Veritas is quite current as it adds a new sin to the seven ones: the pollution.

The statues loom over the visitors with the function of warn the humanity, exhorting the man to take responsibility in view of the death and the Apocalypse. The purpose of the exhibit is to convince him to meditate and to change.

You have time until November 24 to visit this exhibit!


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