Our Fettuccine alla Mandragola

Our Fettuccine alla Mandragola

Have you ever tried the Fettuccine alla Mandragola? No? Then allow yourself to be convinced by the recipe of Ristorante Centrale.

In the first course section of our menu, you can find our homemade Fettuccine (fresh pasta) alla Mandragola. We prepare the fresh pasta with our hands following the classic recipe of the Emilia Romagna region: you only need flour, some fresh eggs and some hard graft. We mix the fresh pasta with a unique sauce: fresh cream, slivers of tender leek, chicken slices and a sprinkle of saffron.

The presence of the golden spice gives to the plate a more complex taste, tending toward sweet and fatty, and a more intense olfactory experience. Because of this, we recommend a good white wine with a high level of acidity as accompanying: a Chardonnay. Ask to our personnel to know what’s better between the production of the Le Monde vineyards and the one from the wine cellars of Ronco del Gnemiz.


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