Palazzo Fortunity presents Futuruins. Il corpo e la pietra

Palazzo Fortunity presents Futuruins. Il corpo e la pietra

The museum Palazzo Fortuny is hosting the exhibition Futuruins. Il corpo e la pietra, a project created on a proposal from Dimitri Ozerkov, the director of the Neo-Contemporary department of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg in cooperation with the City of Venice and Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

The leitmotiv of the exhibition Futuruins is the ruin as allegory. The ruin becomes the symbol of the relentless flow of time, but mainly it is the meeting point of past and future. The exhibition seems to refer to the thought of the German philosopher Walter Benjamin: the ruin becomes the Angelus Novus of Paul Klee, which looks at the ruins of the past civilizations with melancholic eyes and the desire to remain, while the wind pushes his wings away towards an irresistibile and inevitabile future. The ruin belongs with the past, but it fits itself in the present time, while it smolders a fragment of the future.

The exhibition Futuruins. Il corpo e la pietra includes more than 250 works from both the museums and from private collections, which represent the architectonic ruins of extinct civilization through the centuries.

We encourage you to enjoy the exhibition and to reflect on the meaning of the ruin as the embleme of the human civilization. Palazzo Fortuny is behind piazza San Marco, which is near Centrale Restaurant. We’ll wait for you!


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Photo by Unsplash