Everyone is in love with mascarpone

Everyone is in love with mascarpone

The mascarpone is a creamy and sweet cheese, recognised as a product of the Italian tradition by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

It is typical of some areas of the Lombardia region, mainly of Lodi and Abbiategrasso. The name comes from the dialect term mascherpa or mascarpia, which means ricotta or cream. The journalist Gianni Brera believes that the product should be called mascherpone from Cascina Mascherpa, a farmstead at the border between Milano and Pavia.

The mascarpone is obtained by the addition of citric acid to cream. It looks like a light yellowish cream and it has a sweet taste, so it is quite caloric. The Crema al mascarpone is one of the basic preparations of pastry, one of the fundamental ingredient of tiramisu and the main side dish to pandoro and panettone, which are Italian Christmas sweets. The cream is also good when it’s served alone: in Emilia-Romagna, a region in the middle of Italy, it is common to serve it in a cup.

Everyone likes mascarpone, both adults and kids. The dessert menu of Centrale Restaurant gives you two choices: Crema al mascarpone con lingue di gatto (Italian biscuits) and Tiramisù con scaglie di cioccolato. Take a look at our menu!


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