The bigoli, the traditional pasta of Veneto

The bigoli, the traditional pasta of Veneto

The bigoli are a type of long pasta, which looks like a big spaghetto; they’re from Veneto, but they’re quite common and popular in the Eastern Lombardia. The name “bigoli” seems to result from the dialect term “bigàt” which means “worm” with regard to the shape of the pasta.

The original recipe is quite simple, it includes soft flour, salt and water as the only ingredients, making the bigoli a simple and low-fat dish; the modern versions of the pasta incorporate different type of flour, like buckwheat, or the addition of eggs in the dough. The distinct characteristic of the bigoli can be found in the preparation phase, which includes the use of a traditional machine for pressing the dough, called torchio, which once was used by hand, but nowadays it is mostly automatic. The torchio gives to the pasta its peculiar rough texture, which allows it to retain the sauce in a better way. The simplicity of the pasta is balanced by the seasoning. The traditional recipes are two: Bigoli co l’arna with ragù d’anatra (duck sauce) or the common ragù di carne (meat sauce) and bigoli in salsa with onion and sardines or the similar recipe Bigoli co le sardele, which includes anchovies instead of sardines, because of his more delicate taste. Even though pasta with fish sauces tends to reject the use of cheese, the bigoli allows it; but the better choice is still the use of breadcrumps pan roasted with butter, laurel leaves, rosemary, thyme and salt.

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