The carousel horses of Play with Us

The carousel horses of Play with Us

The exhibit is part of the schedule of Le città in festa, a plan of events scattered all over Venice, including both mainland and islands, in the period between October and December. The art pieces of the artist from Bologna invade the inner and outer spaces of the Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky of Venice, which celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Fondazione del Gruppo Hilton.

The intention of the artist comes to light from the contrast between the carousel horses and the modern and contemporary contest of the hotel: Naby Byron gathers different manifestations of the symbolic carousel horse, which recalls the ancient medieval games, and then she arranges them in a present setting in order to free them from the strict mechanisms of the carousel. The artist wants to renovate the game culture through the interaction between the user of the third millennium and an emblematic symbol of childhood.

There are only few days left between the closing of the exhibition: you have time until the 24th of November. Hurry up, but first stop by Centrale Restaurant for a good meal. Take a look at our menu!


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Foto by Unsplash