The exhibition From Kandinsky to Botero

The exhibition From Kandinsky to Botero

The immense and gothic Palazzo Zaguri in Campo San Maurizio is hosting the unmissable exhibition Da Kandinsky a Botero. Tutti in un filo.

Called Tutti in un filo (“all in one thread”), the exhibition consists of one hundred articles woven to the frame with foresight and attention to the most subtle detail. It is a contemporary art route projected to one hundred tapestries woven by the experienced hands of one of the last Italian tapestry factory, the one founded by Ugo Scassa in 1960. The exhibition wants to recreate the atmosphere of the halls of the big transoceanic ships during the first half of the 19th Century. At that time the tapestries were an unfailing certain of the décor. The atmosphere is also recalled by the projection of the movie The legend of 1900 and the exhibition is accompanied by the voice of Vittorio Sgarbi, recorded in the free audio guides.

Some of the authors of the main works are Kandisky, Botero, Plaul Klee and Matisse. Joan Mirò is present too, despite the incident that occurred and involved two of his tapestries: the bad weather of Venice caused the flooding of a toilette, damaging the two works that were left on the floor.

Centrale Restaurant recommends this exhibition because it is the perfect mix of art and tradition!


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Photo by Pexels