The symbolism of the scallop

The symbolism of the scallop

The scallop is a bivalve mollusc that comes from the Mediterranean Sea: the white and fleshy part is the adductor muscle, while the softer flesh is called coral. It is a delicious, tasty and also low-calorie dish.

It has many names because the seafood is linked to many stories and legends. It is called Shell of Saint James because it is the symbol of a medieval costume: the Christian pilgrims used to cross the countries of France and Spain on the route to Santiago de Compostela. When they arrived at Santiago, which is called Saint James in English, they used to collect the scallops’ shell and to use them as lucky charms.

Another legend is linked to the Greek mythology: the scallop is an Aphrodite’s symbol, goodness of love and beauty, who was born from the sea foam and reached the shores of Cyprus on a scallop’s shell. The seafood is a symbol of femininity and fertility.

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