The paradise in three layers: the mille-feuille

Centrale Restaurant lacks for nothing in terms of desserts: after the Venetian cookies and the mascarpone cream, we offer you a slice of mille-feuille.

The mille-feuille pastry is a typical dessert of the French cooking and in fact it is also known with the name Napoleon. The recipe is really simple, but tasty: three crumbly and crisp layers of puff pastry alternated by two layers of small tufts of custard. The superior layer of puff pastry is decorated with icing or, if you’d like, with powdered sugar, cacao or almond crumbs.

The simplicity of the recipe makes it possible to personalize the cake. In different variations the custard is substituted by other alternatives such as Chantilly cream, whipped cream or chocolate mousse or zabaglione; it is possible to add some fruits, chocolate or slivered almonds or others in order to give more colour and taste to the cake. And at the end, some recipes provides for the frosting and the caramelization of all the layers of puff pastry.

Why don’t you end the meal in style with a sweet slice of mille-feuille? Ask to our personnel for the dessert menu, but you don’t need to worry because the choice is easy. Take a look at our menu!


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Photo by Unsplash