Getting Around Venice: Basilica of Santa Maria

La Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute, one of the most famous buildings of Venice, was built around 1630, following a plague epidemic, to honor the Blessed Virgin and celebrate the end of that terrible event.

The basilica, directly overlooking the Grand Canal, is accessed by a staircase that seems to emerge from the water; going along it, you will be struck by the extreme majesty of the building, which is increasingly evident as you approach the entrance and marked by the presence of two domes (one larger and one smaller that serves as a sanctuary) and a long series of statues placed on the main facade and on the side ones. Crossing the threshold, the interior is a triumph of ancient art, with works by Tiziano and Tintoretto, perfectly in line with the Venetian Baroque style that characterizes the entire building.

Every November 21, the feast of the Madonna della Salute is celebrated, during which the basilica is accessed by crossing a bridge. During the day, it is also tradition to taste the Castradina, a typical meat dish.


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Photo by Unsplash