Citrus panna cotta with mint aroma

Citrus panna cotta with mint aroma

From uncertain origins, panna cotta is one of the most famous and loved desserts of our gastronomic tradition.

Known throughout the world, its conception is attributed to a Piedmontese Chef at the beginning of the 1900s, although many think that the dessert was created for the first time in the Langhe by a Hungarian lady or even deriving from BiancoMangiare, Sicilian dessert with almond milk. The simplicity of its ingredients (cream, sugar and isinglass) makes it genuine and pleasing to all palates, even the most difficult ones. During its preparation, you can play with the use of aromas, fresh fruit, chocolate and you can create increasingly tasty toppings.

In our version, the freshness of mint leaves envelops the decisive taste of citrus fruits: this gives rise to pleasant games of unique and surprisingly delicious flavors.


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