Our salads: let’s try some!

For those who want to keep light or want to keep fit, our salads are an excellent solution for a well-balanced meal.

Although simple, the concept of the dish should not be underestimated; our chefs in fact choose fresh and seasonal ingredients, always selecting new and delicious recipes, which can satisfy all tastes, even the most difficult ones. Lettuce, rocket, valerian, dandelion, endive, radicchio … There are many varieties of salad, each with its own properties and characteristics that can totally change the success of a good recipe and can bring different benefits to your body. For example, it is known that valerian has relaxing powers and that the dandelion is a natural anti-inflammatory. The right combination of ingredients is everything: not only is it fundamental for an excellent taste, but it is also important to obtain the correct balance between freshness, softness, crunchiness, flavor and sweetness, without neglecting a touch of imagination and creativity.

For a quick lunch break, for those who want to feel fresher, for those looking for lightness or for those who don’t want to give up on taste: a salad for all occasions! Take a look at our menu!


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Photo by Unsplash