Our gnocchi: three different recipes!

Our gnocchi: three different recipes!

For those who are in love with gnocchi, Ristorante Centrale does not only offer you some homemade potato dumplings, but also three different recipes!

To be classic, our first proposal is a dish of gnocchi with Italian meat sauce. The Italian meat sauce, called ragù, is obviously the king of the Italian sauces: the slow cooking allows the meat to release all its flavours, joining the tomato sauce in a whirlwind of tastes.

The Gnocchi alla Sorrentina is another beloved recipe in Italy and overseas: the potato dumplings are immersed in a creamy tomato sauce with mozzarella, cheese and inevitable basil. It’s a dish rich in Mediterranean flavours.

Last but not least, the ones with cream and tasty cheese sauce.


Ask to our Personnel for a warm dish of homemade gnocchi! Take a look at our menu!


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