Trio of homemade bruschette

Trio of homemade bruschette

The bruschetta is a typical dish of the Italian tradition that is spread throughout Italy and consequently the recipe has many variations.

Centrale Restaurant offers you a Trio of homemade bruschette as meat appetizer: the three kinds are called Naples, Margherita and Diavola. The Naples bruschetta is characterised by the quality and the freshness of the tomato, which is accompanied by oil, garlic and sometimes oregano too: the recipe can also include other ingredients as anchovies, olives, cheeses or vegetables or cured pork. The Margherita bruschetta is even simpler: the principle ingredients are the same of the pizza, which are tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. Lastly, the Diavola bruschetta that adds to the traditional recipe the spicy salami.

You can find our trio of bruschette in the section of Meat Appetizers of the menu.


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